Advantages and disadvantages of titanium magnesium alloy bathroom door

Time:2020-12-07 01:52:34

Titanium magnesium alloy door first solves a big shortcoming of the bathroom, it can be said that it is the waterproof General of bathroom door. More than 95% of the wooden doors in the home decoration are used less than one year after decoration. They find that the door pocket is white after absorbing water, and then black and rotten, which affects the appearance and use. Titanium magnesium alloy adopts new technology, which can be made into the same color as all kinds of natural wood, such as teak, black walnut, red walnut, white oak, sabili, pure white, champagne, etc.

The cost of titanium magnesium alloy door is low, only half the price of wooden door, and it is the pioneer of environmental protection in home decoration. It does not contain any formaldehyde, so it is absolutely environmentally friendly. There is no track under the hanging door, which is convenient for the elderly and children to walk, sweep and mop the floor.

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