How to choose bathroom door

Time:2020-12-07 01:54:05

Bathroom door requirements are very high, many people in the purchase of bathroom door headache, because the bathroom door must be moisture-proof and waterproof effect is good, here are a few suggestions for you to do bathroom door.

Bathroom door mainly focuses on privacy and waterproof and other factors, you can choose the fashionable design of the full frosted semi glass door. Wet and dry areas do not separate the bathroom, should consider the choice of plastic steel doors, stainless steel doors.

1. Plastic steel door

Plastic steel door is made of rigid polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC) as the profile. According to certain design requirements, the profile cavity is lined with more than one millimeter galvanized cold rolled steel for cutting, welding and installation. Compared with aluminum alloy door, steel door and wood door, plastic steel door has the following advantages: fire prevention, heat insulation, no deformation, no discoloration, no embrittlement, service life of more than 30 years, which is a good choice for bathroom door.

2. Glass door

Glass doors are often used as partition doors, kitchen doors and bathroom doors in families, which not only play the role of isolation, but also can transmit light, and are visually transparent. A variety of process glass makes the glass door very beautiful. As a bathroom door, it is not afraid of moisture and water, so it is very suitable.

Using inferior glass as bathroom door may cause explosion. If consumers use improper or buy inferior glass doors by mistake, it is dangerous at any time when taking a bath, especially in autumn and winter. Therefore, decided to buy glass door as a bathroom door friends, not for the sake of cheap, choose inferior glass, but should choose tempered glass.

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