Advantages and disadvantages of wooden bathroom door

Time:2020-12-07 01:51:34

There are three major categories of wooden doors. PVC membrane doors with no paint on the surface can not be used in the toilet, because the waterproof of membrane is not well painted, moisture entering the substrate is easy to cause blistering deformation, and the probability of no paint is too large. Of course, there's no problem doing it in the kitchen.

Solid wood doors and painted craft doors or other wooden doors, in this case, the water resistance of solid wood doors is still relatively strong, and craft doors are almost the same. However, because problems in the toilet are usually found in the doorcase line, so the doorcase of the toilet door will be replaced by wood plastic doorcase line or solid wood doorcase line. It's best to implement this when you fix the door.

The waterproof and anti deformation ability of wooden door is not as good as that of aluminum alloy door, but the biggest advantage is that it is consistent with the texture of bedroom door, and it is the strongest from the aesthetic point of view. Generally, the price of lacquer door ranges from 500 to 1000, and that of solid wood ranges from 1000 to 10000. Then, the price of double sliding doors is generally the price of single door, and the remaining 2 will be reduced by 4 meters. The price of single sliding door is the price of single door plus dozens of door sets.

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