Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy bathroom door

Time:2020-12-07 01:48:38

From the sliding door, aluminum alloy doors are generally divided into two types, one is sliding between heaven and earth, and the other is hanging sliding. A large number of customers choose sliding between heaven and earth. I personally think this kind of sliding is not good, because sliding between heaven and earth is generally used on the wardrobe. There is a ground rail on the room door, which may be stepped on or deformed and rusted for a long time, and the sliding door will not slide when dirt enters the ground rail It's smooth. It's hard to get the dirt out. You have to use a vacuum cleaner. Generally, the area of Tiandi slide is calculated. Generally, double slide doors or three to four doors are available, and the price is about 300-1000 square meters. However, when we calculate Tiandi slide, we should pay attention to the fact that aluminum alloy Tiandi slide does not have a door cover. It is better to have a door cover in this kitchen and toilet. If there is no door cover, it is not beautiful. Even if it has nothing to do with beauty, at least how do you close the door frame? It won't be broken for long At least we have to use other processing methods. The price of door pocket is generally from 50-80 / m for craft doors and 80-150 / m for solid wood doors. This is usually done together with the bedroom door factory, the color can be matched and convenient.

There is no ground rail for aluminum alloy sliding or aluminum alloy door opening. There is only a fixed pin, and the frame is wide. At the same time, there is a door cover. Therefore, if you want to use aluminum alloy sliding door, you'd better use it. The price of sliding is generally dozens of yuan / square meter cheaper than that of sliding. Many manufacturers will have matching door covers. Then, the general price of aluminum alloy door market ranges from 400 yuan to 800 yuan. Note that aluminum alloy door has the difference between the first installation and the second installation. The first installation means that it is installed when the brick is pasted. Then you can buy the finished door, and then you don't need the door cover. The price is cheap, but it can only open 90 degrees. The second installation is the same as the suit door. You can buy the aluminum alloy door with the door cover, but the price is low It's more expensive.

All aluminum alloy doors have one characteristic, that is, they are highly waterproof and resistant to deformation. However, due to different materials, texture and bedroom doors, the beauty is not very good, especially for some families with European style, Chinese style, wood grain and antique things.

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